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Affordable service, 24 x 7 Repair Service, Full stock of real spare part,Repair and maintenance of customized, lift based on customer requirements, Streamlined maintenance schedule offered

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Perimeter security could be as simple as natural barriers like mountains, hills, and tree lines. Today, more advanced chain-link fences, concrete walls, and restrictive gates that require authorized credentials to pass have become the norm. Sophisticated technologies that are meant to keep intruders out and prevent access to certain protected areas are more common in today’s perimeter security world. Contained within those perimeters and protected gates – whether by natural barriers or more technologically advanced fences, walls, and gates – are buildings, complexes, and construction areas.

we install  optional electromechanical or hand-operated boom barriers allow individual passage of vehicles as well as an efficient access regulation. Our offer includes both hand- and power-operated models depending on the area of application. Our motorised barriers are especially constructed for continuous use and designed to master high transit frequencies easily. The aluminium booms with white coating and red warning strip even secure wide driveways reliably thanks to variable boom lengths.

Our hand-operated barriers are mainly suited for low-traffic volumes and can optionally be secured with a supporting strut if necessary. The convenient modular system ensures a quick and easy installation and makes the barrier extremely low-maintenance. All barriers feature a robust, durable steel support structure.

A project of any size, scope or scale represents an important investment. As with any other asset, the site must be protected and made safe and secure. In the case of large-scale construction projects, adequate fencing protects against vandalism and unforeseen damage that could be detrimental to its completion. 


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