Renewable Energy System

We provide quality and durable renewable energy solution to every part of Nigeria. As manufacturers’ representatives in Nigeria, we have come to close the gap that has existed for so long between supply, installation and maintenance. We have done this by making sure that spare parts are readily available immediately installations are completed and job commissioned


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Affordable service, 24 x 7 Repair Service, Full stock of real spare part,Repair and maintenance of customized, lift based on customer requirements, Streamlined maintenance schedule offered

We Have Products like

Our Renewable energy products are durable long lasting with the latest modernization. Have you ever thought of cutting down on your Diesel, fuel and Electricity cost? Our inverters and Solar Systems designed to power all loads in your homes, offices and industries. Inverter Capacity ranges from 800VA to 200kVA

Battery is a critical component heavily relied upon by Inverter to function effectively. A battery bank can provide a relatively constant source of power for 24hrs when Grid or Gen is down depending on your load.


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