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Essence Point Elevators & Allied Services Ltd represents world renowned manufacturers from Europe, South Korea and China. This includes brands who supplies elevators equipment (Mechanical and Electrical) to companies like OTIS, SCHINDLER, TYSSENKRUPP, LG and MITSHUBISHI worldwide. They are:

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A manufacture enterprise of elevator which integrated with R&D, Project design, Manufacture, Sales, Installation and after sales services. With 15,000 elevators of annual production capacity, we have develop full range of products including passenger elevator, panoramic elevator, business elevator, hospital elevator, home elevator, freight, automobile elevator, escalator and moving walkway etc.


Movilift has been operating in the elevator field since 1995. Movilift is a specialized complete lifts and electronics manufacturer.there are also fixtures, control boards and pre-wired solutions, always made with passion and a high level of quality. Made in Italy is the Movilift motto and offers the chance to export the products all over the world with increasing results and Exports to more than 40 countries around the world.


IMEM Lifts is one of Europe’s leading lift manufacturers with a well-established reputation for quality and reliability. . We occupy a particularly competitive position in the lift market as we are one of the few fully independent lift companies on the entire continent able to offer an almost limitless range of lifts and components.This includes lifts with or without a machine room in an enormous range of sizes and configurations, hydraulic lifts, goods lifts, home lifts, lifts made to measure to satisfy a client’s special requirements and more.


They Offers complete systems or parts of lifts for the modernization of your elevators. You can choose the materials you want for your projects. CTV Lifts can perfectly adapt to both standards and architectural finishes of both new and existing building projects. CTV Lifts manufactures both Residential and Commercial passenger Elevators this includes Home lifts, Freight Elevators, Hospital Elevators, Car Lift and Escalators designed for various scenarios both indoors and outdoors in train stations, buildings, hotels, shopping centers etc.

All these World Class Lift manufacturers are fully represented in Nigeria by Essence Point Elevators & Allied Services Ltd. In addition, after installation of elevator, anyone trained by us can maintain and repair our elevator controllers without special skill. On this, we can train and transfer knowledge to our clients to maintain controllers thereby saving cost and a lot of time. This is where we are different from other vendors in Nigeria who keep the “maintenance secret” to themselves and charge huge monthly and annually costs on maintenance of elevators.

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