Our escalators come guaranteed with high quality with good posses great features like smooth running, low noise, fine durability, convenient repair, fine and exquisite structure, consummate life-way, remarkable belt-way, attractive outline model, magnificent design style with gentle modern flavor. A safe, cozy and beautiful escalator can let you enjoy the pleasant and comfortable moment everyday. Essencepoint provides escalator that will definitely your expectations! It is widely applicable for the shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport etc. with large volume of passenger traffic. It adds one flow and bright scene to your constructions


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Affordable service, 24 x 7 Repair Service, Full stock of real spare part,Repair and maintenance of customized, lift based on customer requirements, Streamlined maintenance schedule offered

Our Escalators are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the European EN115 standard and the national GB16899 standard. It runs smoothly, quietly, safely and reliably. Its modular design concept is integrated into every detail, with a wide range of functions and diverse features to meet the needs. The needs of different customers and the style and overall image of the building. With exquisite structure, sophisticated ladders, exquisite lead, exquisite appearance, sturdy and modern design.

The special entrance and exit device for the escalator is based on the consistently safe, reliable and efficient design style of the  elevator. Streamlined design, highlighting the noble and fashionable atmosphere under the premise of ensuring safety protection. The black appearance is beautiful and easy to install. The housing is made of polycarbonate and is rugged and adds a running direction display with fault display. It is located below the armrest entrance and exit, and the large module is displayed in a dot matrix, which is clear and easy to understand. It enables passengers to know the current operating status of the escalator when they first enter the escalator, and enhance safety and reliability.


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