ESSENCEPOINT ELEVATORS & ALLIED SERVICES CO. LTD is a registered Nigerian company representing world class Original Equipment

Manufacturers (OEM) in vertical transport technology such as Escalators, Lift and Elevators, Moving walk ways and dumb waiters. We install and maintain various lifts and elevators such as Passenger’s lifts, Hospital lifts, Freight lifts, Machine room less (MRL lifts), Standard Hydraulic lifts, Car lifts and dumb waiters.

It was formed by team of business minded Engineers that were determined to change the legacy approaches to providing Lift services that are modern and proactive. As manufacturers’ representatives in Nigeria, we have come to close the gap that has existed for so long between supply, installation and maintenance. We have done this by making sure that spare parts are readily available immediately installations are completed and job commissioned. This is unlike what is obtained in the industry today where vendors wait until elevators are broken down and sometimes packed up before ordering of spare parts are initiated. This causes delay and disruption of services to clients.

Your elevator is an important part of your building; Guests as well as visitors depend upon it to comfortably move up and down the building. A malfunctioning elevator can cause a great deal of inconvenience to all building members and visitors and also loss of customers and business. Most importantly it can pose a grave safety threat to the elevator users.
Our exposure to the challenges and success of past projects gives us the insight to advise and recommend the best practices in the industry with consideration for the safety, quality and cost.
We aim to continually exceed our customers’ expectations by adhering to our core values of integrity, honesty and reliability.

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We at Essencepoints we have been thriving and achieving our goal of giving our clients the best service possible.


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